Pair US zip codes with the correct 2012 USDA hardiness zone

This hardiness zone data comes in a single table which can be easily imported and joined by zip code to your existing geocode database. Perfect for building your own hardiness zone lookup app or dynamic map application.

Data features:

  • Available in Excel & CSV format
  • 41,824 unique US Zip Codes with matching USDA Hardiness Zone pairs
  • Includes current zip codes for all 50 states + Puerto Rico
  • Includes a separate legend table that matches the zone to the correct temperature range.
  • Does not include zip codes to other military zones outside the US, commonwealths, or outlying islands.
  • Last Updated February 2012

Accuracy of Data

The USDA originally compiled this data in 2012, but from time to time the US Postal Service activates new zip codes. For the newer zip codes, I have extrapolated the zone from the nearest original data. The data contained in the 'distance' column is the extrapolation error (in miles). This should allow you to judge for yourself whether or not a particular zip / zone pair satisfies the requirements of your application.

Sample Data

Description Download
CSV Sample.csv
Excel Sample.xls

Purchase & Delivery

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